quarta-feira, 2 de junho de 2010

E-books sobre educação a distância

Navegando pelo Commonwealth of Learning encontrei os dois e-books abaixo. Vale a pena explorar o site porque ele tem muita coisa interessante.

Perspectives on Distance Education: Open Schooling in the 21st Century The expansion of secondary education is now the world’s most pressing educational challenge. This carefully prepared and thoroughly researched book should inspire policy-makers and educational planners to explore how open schooling can expand secondary education cost-effectively in their jurisdictions. 


Lifelong Learning & Distance Higher Education  

As globalisation advances, education is increasingly crossing borders - national, regional, sectoral and institutional. At the same time, educational systems are having to respond to other profound changes, such as the knowledge explosion, the changing interaction between the public and private spheres, and the increasingly rapid development of information and communication technology (ICT). The present volume deals with distance higher education systems - especially those designed for lifelong learners - in the context of these changes, emphasising the need for international co-operation and for well thought-out policies in areas ranging from funding, appropriate use of ICTs and quality assurance. Aimed at planners, policy-makers and other stakeholders, the book is intended to be a practical tool for capacity-building and decision-making. 



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