sábado, 21 de fevereiro de 2009

Mais de 100 sites de idiomas

A Jane Hart ( Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies) acabou de publicar uma lista com mais de 100 sites de idiomas. Veja a lista completa em seu site.

  1. 1-language.com - One-stop resource site for learning English and other languages

  2. 200words-a-day - If you find learning new vocabulary a time-consuming grind, try boosting it with the 200 Words a Day! language learning programme: Spanish, French, German and Welsh

  3. ABA English - Learn English

  4. Alibela - Language courses for free

  5. Arabic2000.com - Online Arabic School

  6. Arab Academy - the fastest way to learn Arabic

  7. Arabic Pod - Learn Arabic with Arabic Pod

  8. Babbel - Learn languages online

  9. BBC Languages - Audio and video courses for beginners and intermediates in 36 languages:

  10. Blogs Exchange (BE) - is the first community of blogs dedicated to the learning and interchange of languages (Spanish and English so far).

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